2016 Utah Arts Festival

Festival for Kids

Nourish your brain, stomach and spirit—a perfect place for kids of all ages. Engage and collaborate with onsite sculptures, create make-and-take projects with some of Salt Lake's most creative art-making nonprofit organizations and play an instrument. The PB&J Booth offers sandwiches and milk for younger appetites, with proceeds benefiting the Visual Art Institute.

Also, check out Fear No Film for KIDS! in the Art Yard and Kids Workshops at the Community Writing Center.

Art Yard: Draw Like an Egyptian!

Go back in time to Ancient Egypt in the Art Yard. Explore a tomb, marvel at the mighty Sphinx, and learn to write, draw and create like the Pharaohs did. Come by to make your contribution to the following installations.

The Pyramid

The shape of ancient pyramids is believed to have symbolized the sun's rays. Create your own sun to add to its walls.

Mini Mummies

Mummification was part of the elaborate set of burial customs that included casting spells of magic. Do your part to fend off the mummy's curse by beautifying their linen bandages.

The Great Sphinx

Uncover one of history's most mysterious creatures comprised of lion and human features by painting the surface of a replica.

Canopic Jars

These jars were used during the mummification process. Paint and inscribe your own hieroglyphics to keep for history.

Summerhays Music Center Instrument Petting Zoo

Come see what it's like to play on a real band and orchestra instrument with the guidance of music teachers. Instruments are regularly sanitized after each individual use.

Make-and-Take Projects

Every year the Festival partners with local nonprofits to make the Art Yard a dynamic place of creative expression for kids. Here's what you'll find at this year's Yard:

Art Access

Come share stories that celebrate our similarities as well as our differences. Art Access provides equal access to arts programming for Utahns with disabilities as well as those with limited access to the arts. Visit www.accessart.org for more info.

Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah invites you and your family to explore Ancient Egypt's animal kingdom. Ancient Egyptians lived among wild and domesticated animals of all kinds from donkeys, crocodiles and cattle, to sheep, goats and, of course, camels. Cats, however, enjoyed a special status. Known as "Mao," nearly all homes had a cat. Ancient Egyptians did not worship cats but they valued them for guarding their children and their homes. Create an Egyptian cat mask that you can hang at home as a reminder of the cat's great. Visit www.nhmu.utah.edu for more info.

Red Butte Garden

Write like an Egyptian! In writing hieroglyphics, Egyptians relied on plants such as the papyrus from which paper was made. Pens were cut from plant reeds, and ink was extracted from plant sap. Visit the Red Butte Garden booth to create your own hieroglyphic creation to take home. Visit www.redbuttegarden.org for more info.

Tracy Aviary

Fly by Tracy Aviary's booth to meet some feathered friends, make a fun feathered craft and learn about birds that call Utah their home, whether they live in the mountains, deserts or your own backyard. Visit www.tracyaviary.org for more info.

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Create your own personalized ancient Egyptian crown. Learn how to translate your birthdate into hieroglyphic numbers that you can etch into colorful patterns on paper with inspiration from contemporary artists like Meridith Pingree. Then, fold your patterned paper to make an Egyptian-style birthday crown. Visit www.utahmoca.org for more info.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Learn about Egyptian hieroglyphics from museum staff, then create your own on real papyrus. Visit www.umfa.utah.edu for more info.


Everybody's favorite comfort food: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk are available for younger appetites or anyone who enjoys PB&J. Proceeds benefit the Visual Art Institute.

Main Library Attractions for Kids

Fly With the Superheroes Wind Tunnel

June 25-27, 12PM-1PM, Main Library Story Room

Kids and their families can experiment with wind's great power as they create devices and watch them fly in our wind tunnel, generously donated by Thanksgiving Point.

Zoo Mania's Animal Heroes

Thu, June 25, 2PM, Main Library Story Room

Zoo Mania features animal heroes that have saved the day for their human companions. Come see and pet the animals, and check out a great animal book, too. Don't forget your cameras.

Program Sponsors

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