2016 Utah Arts Festival

Kurt Wenner's 3D Art

Daily demonstrations, 4pm and 6pm

The Utah Arts Festival is excited to announce that Kurt Wenner, whose pioneering work in 3-dimensional pavement art has captivated fellow artists and art lovers alike for three decades, will be here for his third visit to Salt Lake City. For this year’s Utah Arts Festival, Wenner will create a unique piece in chalks and pastels titled The Sacred Pool, which will be located on the eastside front of the City-County Building on Washington Square.

Featured in an award-winning National Geographic documentary, Wenner has received Kennedy Center honors for his commitment to arts education and his work has captivated fellow artists, guests and audiences at the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and DreamWorks.

Re-Awakening the Renaissance Lecture with Kurt Wenner

Wed, June 24, 7pm, Library Auditorium

The European classical tradition in art has been thoroughly lost, but does it need to stay buried? Artist Kurt Wenner has spent a lifetime pursuing lost artistic ideas that once held great value and were useful means of expression. Through his artwork, he has spent decades reintroducing them to the public and artists alike.

This slideshow recounts Wenner's journey and the ideas behind classical drawing, proportion, and perspective that he has rediscovered and applied to his artwork. By using these lost ideas of the past, he transformed the once simple art form of Italian pavement drawing into a global art movement known as interactive 3D art.

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