Alicia Stockman

Artist Info

  • Genre: Bluegrass/Folk
  • Description: "Alicia Stockman is a singer-songwriter who connects with her audiences through memories, experiences, and stories. Her songs are intimate moments, meant to draw listeners in and leave them hanging on every word. Simple, but to the point. Strong rhythm guitar, creative yet tasteful phrasing, and soulful sweet vocals bring the experience full circle. She is influenced by the likes of Patty Griffin, the Indigo Girls, Jewel, and Susan Tedeschi – all strong female vocalists and songwriters. She takes inspiration from stories, places, and memories to craft songs that draw listeners into an emotional journey. “These are songs about moments – moments that seem fleeting at the time, but we soon come to see them as a major turning point in our lives – that these small moments represent so much more.” Stockman described. Alicia was recognized for her songwriting and performance formula with accolades from several performing songwriter competitions. In 2019, she took 2nd place in the Al Johnson Performing Songwriter Contest at the Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival in Richardson, Texas; she was a semi-finalist in the prestigious Songwriter Serenade contest held in Moravia, Texas; and she was an Official Showcasing Artist at Southwestern Regional Folk Alliance in Austin, Texas. In 2017, she won 1st place in the Suzanne Millsaps Performing Singer Songwriter Showcase. The Houston Music Review says “Alicia… brings a fresh brave attitude to her music and performances. Her confidence is contagious and her choice of subject matter for her songs show a maturity beyond her years.” She released a 6-song EP released summer of 2019 titled “Singles”, now available on all major music outlets.