Nick Nash

Artist Info

  • Genre: Country/Americana
  • Description: For singer-songwriter Nick Nash, music has provided a constant outlet to explore deep emotional truths via honest lyricism and somber, yet enchanting, instrumentals. After growing up along the Wasatch Front and attending the University of Utah, Nash has lived in Nashville and Dallas. With his journeys across the US, Nash’s music has taken on an authentic Americana air as he discusses themes of following your dreams, staying true to yourself, and coping with life’s challenges. Nash returned home to Utah and currently works as a corporate attorney. He remains passionate about music and he tries to write and perform often. Balancing his family, career, and music, Nash has set his priorities to reflect the primary values in life. Throughout Nash’s music, it is clear to see his passion for music as a source of human connection. He utilizes this universal language of storytelling to share his experiences with traversing difficult choices and confronting changing relationships. Nash’s music takes inspiration from the natural world as he creates a landscape of emotional vulnerability and intimacy through indie-folk and country. With simplified backing instrumentals, Nash’s lyrics take center stage and call upon the listener to pay attention to his messages of reflection and reconciliation. Taking inspiration from Gregory Alan Isakov and Jay William Henderson, Nash’s music leans into indie, folk, and rock influences. “Nash is a storyteller as much as he is a musician. In a single track, Nash tells a story of relatable, past tribulations and newfound clarity” (SLUG Mag), and in his latest album, “Fortress of Gold,” it “has that capacity to touch something deep inside and that is a rarity. There is soul and somehow a naivety too that really appeals” (MP3 Hugger). “Fortress of Gold,” released in 2019, and joins EP, “Fear of Perdition” from 2017.