Triggers & Slips

Artist Info

  • Genre: Country/Americana
  • Description: Trigger: to initiate or precipitate (a chain of events, scientific reaction, psychological process, etc.) Slip: a mistake in judgment or to lose one's footing. Triggers & slips music is steeped in the psychology of relationships. Like so much great country music that came before, theirs originates in personal mistakes and a stepped on heart. While the music is a blend that’s not quite country and not quite rock n’ roll, fans of both types of music have come to love their sound. Anchored around the voice and songs of morgan snow, he’s like an old country song in the modern age. His voice has been described as “pure soul” with hints of familiarity, haunting and powerful and with no comparison to pinpoint. It is the one thing you won’t forget. His songs will “hit you in the gut.” some will hurt, some will make you laugh at him or yourself, but what is shared from night to night after the show is a connection, a new relationship waiting to be revisited and rekindled time and time again. Another fixture of their sound is fellow singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist john davis who splits time between triggers & slips and the phenomenal michelle moonshine. Davis adds gritty harmonies, but also takes over as a lead singer on original songs; blue smoke, and benny. Having two vocalists with strong songwriting and an ear to compliment one another adds a little something special to the live performances of triggers & slips and their recordings. It’s no wonder that bands like uncle tupelo, alice in chains, and willie and waylon are some of their major influences. Much like their hometown of salt lake city, utah, the music of triggers & slips has continued to evolve. Left to his own devices he’s written and recorded songs without relying on commercial success to drive his body of work. Instead, snow has relied on finding his own voice, and assembling a team of likeminded musicians to follow him in his pursuit of writing from the heart, and taking chances. Triggers & slips have received critical acclaim for their recently released album the stranger (11/22/19).

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