Emily Merrell

Artist Info

  • Genre: Pop/Rock
  • Description: Emily Merrell’s “thesaurus pop” anchors somewhere between alternative/art pop and cinematic jazz fusion (Kate Bush meets Janelle Monae), weaving playful and evocative lyrics through colorful harmonies and energetic grooves. Inspired by her fascination with our human tendency to pose, posture, and conceal, Emily’s most recent compositions explore themes of disguise and disclosure: “Masks can be calculated or unconscious; liberating or constricting; subversive, strategic, coquettish, coercive, and everything is layered.” Having completed a Master of Music in Jazz Performance from the world-renown University of North Texas, Emily puts her skills to use as a full time performer, composer, band leader/producer, and music educator. Emily also finds a labor of love in her original podcast, “Artifice,” wherein she interviews professional artists about the origins and development of their creativity, the logistics of life as an “artpreneur,” and their strategies for blending vulnerability with veneer as they cultivate creative resilience.

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