Repertory Dance Theatre Repertory Dance Theatre

Utah’s extraordinarily vibrant dance scene features professional companies of classical ballet dancers who express power, technical precision, and beauty in their work and modern dancers who are able, through their graceful movement, to touch your soul or tell a story. 

RUUDDANCES featuring Ballet West Academy
and 2019 Utah Arts Festival Commissioned Dance Award

Fri, June 21, 5:45PM, Festival Stage

Presented by Christopher Ruud and RUUDDANCES, LLC

The Utah Arts Festival presents the 2019 Dance Commission by two local Utah artists: Katlyn Addison and Joshua Whitehead. In between those two wonderful works will be “Lark Ascending" a piece of classic and stunning choreography by former Ballet West Director Bruce Marks performed by the Trainee Division of the Ballet West Academy. As a special treat “Lark Ascending” will be performed to the LIVE music of the Gifted Music School.

Children’s Dance Theatre

Sat, June 22, 5:15PM, Festival Stage

Presented by University of Utah Tanner Dance

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

Sat, June 22, 6:30PM, Festival Stage 

Repertory Dance Theatre

Sun, June 23, 5:15PM, Festival Stage


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