Free Comic Writing Workshop

Free Comic Writing Workshop

Comic Book Improv

In this all-ages workshop, you'll collaborate to make up a comic book story, then watch it come to life! Writer-artist team Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan will guide you through the process, and Paul will draw the story while it's being created. Learn the basics of comic book storytelling while seeing it demonstrated live. A popular workshop at the Utah Arts Festival and SLCC Community Writing Center since 2012.

About Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett

Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett are a creative couple who’ve been collaborating in print since 1989. Together they created the groundbreaking science fiction comic book Heartbreakers, one of the first comics to feature a team of female action heroes. Their 2005 graphic novel Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate was nominated for an Eisner Award for Paul’s innovative art.

Paul is a multimedia artist who’s done stints as a TV show host, storyboard artist, and production designer. His first job in comics was as a production artist with Chicago-based First Comics. While there, he co-created Cargonauts, a forerunner of Firefly. Paul later co-created and illustrated the time travel series Chronos, from DC Comics. He’s a founding member of Helioscope Studio, the largest collective of comics creators in North America. His current project is an historical comic book series titled Aztec Empire, about the Aztecs’ defeat by Spanish invaders.

Anina, a writer and editor, also started out at First Comics, managing titles such as Nexus and GrimJack. She then moved to Portland, Oregon to edit for Dark Horse Comics. Her work also took her to Denmark, where she edited stories for popular European Disney comics. Anina has served on the boards of several nonprofits and helped found Friends of Lulu, a 1990s organization dedicated to encouraging female comic book readers and creators. She’s written five graphic novels and two illustrated histories, and is working on her first prose novel.

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