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Utah Arts Festival

JUNE 28-30
Library Square



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2024 Festival Headliners

The Utah Arts Festival proudly announces the headliners for the 2024 Festival to be held June 28-30, 2024.

As the unofficial kick-off to summer in Utah, the Festival is “The Great Utah Get-Together” where our community convenes to celebrate arts that connect us – visual, music, dance, film, and more.

Festival executive director, Aimee Dunsmore, stated “The Utah Arts Festival has a long history of presenting high-quality musical acts, many of whom are on the rise when they performed at the Festival and have since gone on to critical acclaim in their respective genres, including Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell, Ben Harper, and many more. That’s part of the magic of this event, and this year’s slate is no different. Our 2024 musical headliners represent our desire to create a vibrant, welcoming and fun-loving environment where the community can come together and where art comes to life. Each band will put on an incredible show that engages audiences and solidifies why the Utah Arts Festival truly is the Great Utah Get-Together.”

Steely Dead

Friday, June 28 | 8pm
Amphitheater Stage

Steely Dead performs two sets on the Festival’s Amphitheater Stage. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Steely Dead is renowned for their unique blend of Grateful Dead and Steely Dan.

The 4-piece ensemble electrifies audiences with soulful renditions of classic tunes which has earned them a passionate following. Their live performances are not just concerts, but communal gatherings where fans come together to celebrate the music they love, dance, and create lasting memories.

steely dead

Korean Artist Seo Jungmin

Friday, June 28 | 7:45pm
Festival Stage

Korean artist Seo Jungmin performs on the Festival Stage, offering a truly unique opportunity to see this artist. Having performed at SXSW, WOMEX, WOMAD, Seo Jungmin blends traditional and contemporary sounds with her 25-string Gayageum, shamanic vocals, and percussion mesmerizing audiences. Seo Jungmin has earned worldwide acclaim for her innovative approach to traditional Korean music, and her exceptional talent and creativity continue to make her an influential figure in the contemporary music scene. 

This engagement of Seo Jungmin is made possible in part through the Performing Arts Global Exchange program of Mid Atlantic Arts with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. This program is supported in part by Center Stage Korea, Korea Arts Management Service, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Arts Council Korea. 

Seo Jungmin

Andy Frasco & the U.N.

Saturday, June 29 | 9:30pm
Amphitheater Stage

If you haven’t experienced the colorful heart-thumping fun of Andy Frasco & the U.N., you won’t want to miss this summer’s Saturday night at the Utah Arts Festival. As trailblazing DIY rebels within the touring circuit, they are celebrated for their dynamic musical fusion and unparalleled stage presence. With their latest release, "L’Optimist" (Fun Machine Records/Soundly), the band showcases Andy Frasco's horn-infused positivity and soulful power. "I fight depression every single day," Frasco shares. "Optimism is my weapon against it. I write optimistic songs because they keep me moving forward. We're all in this together, and everyone needs a little optimism to persevere."


Andy Frasco & the U.N.


Cool Cool Cool

Saturday, June 29 | 7:30pm
Amphitheater Stage

In between their Northlands Music & Arts Festival in New Hampshire and High Sierra Music Festival in California, Cool Cool Cool will stop off in Salt Lake City to stir up the Utah Arts Festival. A genre-defying force, Cool Cool Cool (former members of Turkuaz) seamlessly blends funk, house, and R&B to craft a unique and energetic sound – fronted by dynamic female vocals and backed by a tight horn section, swirling synths, and a groove-laden rhythm section. Fresh off supporting Jerry Harrison and Adrian Belew's 'Remain In Light' tour, as well as Andy Frasco's 'L'Optimist' tour, Cool Cool Cool is poised to make waves in the music scene with their infectious and undeniable groove.

Cool Cool Cool


Sunday, June 30 | 9:45pm
Amphitheater Stage

Up-and-coming Utah local band future.exboyfriend has carved out an addictive indie-pop sound with a side of funk and disco.

Lead singer Tyler Harris offers soaring vocals and thoughtful lyrics to create a sound with Isaac Paul, Ian Kirby, and Josh Arena that is sure to catch on and go far beyond the band’s local roots. Their latest album, FXB, is driven by this unique electro-pop groove and percussive bass lines. Just try not to dance to songs like “High at the Gym” and “Hazy”!




The Plastic Cherries

Sunday, June 30 | 7:45pm
Amphitheater Stage

The Plastic Cherries began as a home recording project making songs on old tape machines. Inspired by glam, soft rock, shoegaze, Elliott Smith, and their dog, Shelby and Joe Maddock formulated their first album, Sunshine, and evolved to include pianist Natalie Hamilton, drummer Wayne Burdick, and bassist Stephen Cox. You can hear the pop sensibility and experience the theatrics of their heroes in one compact act. Homegrown in SLC and included in the 2023 Kilby Block Party, they have shared festival stages with the Pixies, The Strokes, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs among others. Their new album invokes Ziggy Stardust, Rock Horror, and the B-52s.

web the plastic cherries band photo

Featured: YOYOKA Family Band

Sunday, June 30 | 9:30pm
Festival Stage

Fourteen-year-old drumming prodigy, YOYOKA, has been playing the drum since she was 1 year old and performing since she as 4 years old. Born and raised in Japan, she has appeared twice on the Ellen Show, performed with Cyndi Lauper, Fall Out Boy, and Jack Black, and received admiration from people like Dave Grohl. Performing with her family band, YOYOKA 

YOYOKA Family Band

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