Fear No Film Awards

Fear No Film 2017 experienced great audiences with lengthy discussions amongst unrelated festival-goers on topics ranging from the toll of Alzhiemer’s disease, to modern romance, to improving dialogue between fathers and their teenage daughters.

  • Grand Jury Best of Show - Have No Fear, Italy
  • Grand Jury Honorable Mention - Chandra, Nepal
  • Grand Jury Honorable Mention - M.A.M.O.N., Mexico
  • Grand Jury Honorable Mention - Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island, Australia
  • Utah Short Film of the Year - Oxygen to Fly, Torben Bernhard
  • FEAR NO FILMMAKER Award - Roohangiz, Iran
  • Audience Award Applauding ROLLING MEMORIES - Have No Fear, Italy
  • Audience Award Applauding MEMORY LANE - Animation Hotline 2015, New York
  • Audience Award Applauding WHAT MIGHT BE - TIE between No Fixed Motive, Belgium AND Citipati, Germany
  • Audience Award Applauding MEMORY DISTORTION - Wintry Spring, Egypt
  • Audience Award Applauding GROUPTHINK - Red Light, Bulgaria
  • Audience Award Applauding CULTURAL DISSONANCE - Accommodating Anxiety, Utah
  • Audience Award Applauding REVISIONIST HISTORY - Nowhere Line, Voices from Manus Island, Australia
  • Audience Award Fear No Film KIDS! (3 and up) - The Sheriff’s a Chicken, Utah
  • Audience Award Fear No Film KIDS! (8 and up) - Super Girl, India