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Tai Taeoalii

  • Booth: 71
  • Hometown: Murray, UT
  • Email:
  • Statement: In the early 1980’s, growing up bi-racial in the predominantly Caucasian suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah, Tai self-identified as an outcast. Afflicted with cultural identity angst, Tai experienced some turbulent teenage years, but he was fortunate to discover that the arts were a remedy to expressing his frustrations. Through his artistic explorations Tai realized his auto-didactic ability, leading to experimentation with a variety of art-forms, including graffiti and tattoo work, but no medium has captured and retained his affections as strongly as drawing with a ballpoint pen, resulting in it being his central focus for most of his artistic career.
  • Upcoming Shows: Many other shows across the nation and my upcoming interview in the pages of the infamous Juxtapoz Magazine.

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