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Filip Vogelpohl

  • Booth: 146
  • Hometown: Boise
  • Email:
  • Statement: Filip Vogelpohl, owner of Boise Art Glass, apprenticed under artists such as Cesarae Toffolo from Murano, Italy, Roger Paramore, Kevin O’Grady, Robert Mickelson, and Milon Townsend. Filip's work contains a broad array of products ranging from lighting and chandeliers to marbles, paperweights, and sculptural works. As an internationally recognized artist, Vogelpohl's work largely consists of commissions created over the years for art collectors, local businesses and interior designers out of his studio and gallery in Boise, Idaho.
  • Upcoming Shows: Whitefish Arts Festival, Hockaday Kalispell Whitefish Huckleberry Days, Hyde Park Street Fair, Genoa Candy Dance

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