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Randy Thomae

  • Booth: 13
  • Hometown: Boulder, CO
  • Email:
  • Statement: Colorado-based avant-garde abstract photographer Randy Thomae is bringing his epic-scale message of hope, which he defines as finding joy through darkness, to his inaugural Utah Arts Festival this year. The current collection, "The Fragile Nature of Hope", which has been touring the country for the past year, consists of (7) 8 foot pieces which took 2 years of labor to produce. Thomae's unique process begins with dedicated solo field time in which the question, “what do I feel?” completely transcends the traditional “what do I see?”, and completes with hundreds of hours of post production on each piece that includes hand scaling to 29,000 pixels wide.
  • Upcoming Shows: My 2022 National tour will again criss-cross the country including top ranked shows in Breckenridge, CO Ann Arbor, MI Bellevue, WA Louisville, KY Texas and Florida. 2021 was my first national tour, covering 25,000 miles in 5 months.

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