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Julie Stutznegger

  • Booth: 98
  • Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Email:
  • Statement: I grew up in Washington state. As a kid, my mother made stained glass windows, and I loved watching her work. We moved to Utah while I was in high school, and I attended the University of Utah. I majored in art and was an abstract painter. I started making stained glass windows for fun, then was hired at a local stained glass studio. I started experimenting with glass on my own, and eventually my love of glass and my abstract painting converged. I now make abstract paintings using glass. I use fine glass powders fired onto sheet glass. Each piece is multi-layered, fired at progressively lower temperatures to achieve the varying textures and colors. Between firings I often remove glass in order to reveal the chemical reactions between the layers of glass and re-fire. I made my home in Utah, and I live in Salt Lake City.

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