Mayor's Artist Awards

Mayor's Artist Awards

Mayor Biskupski is excited to honor five of the community's outstanding artists and arts programs. This year’s recipients are not only talented artists but are using their creativity to confront issues that challenge our community. Whether its education and equity, or the environment and homelessness, Salt Lake City’s quality of life has improved due to their tireless work.

The Mayor’s Artist Awards will be presented on Friday, June 21 at 7:30pm on the Festival Stage.


sm DesignBuildBluff

DesignBuildBLUFF is a graduate architecture program at the University of Utah focused on immersing students in hands-on cross-cultural experiences. It works in partnership with the Rural and Native communities of San Juan County in the Utah Four Corners. . Every year, a graduate studio of up to sixteen students designs a pre-identified architectural project for a beneficiary of the Navajo Nation in the southern Utah tribal area. In preparation these students study community engagement and indigenous knowledge systems.

Margaret Willis

sm Maggie Willis

Margaret Willis is an artist, teacher, outdoor enthusiast, yogi, and gardener. Margaret loves to experiment with a plethora of materials, from oil-painted portraits, to up-cycled plastic bag crowns, to giant glue and fabric monsters, to intricate mandalas. Born in the small desert town in Arizona and raised in an even smaller mountain town in Eastern Oregon, she inherited her curiosity of the world from a family of world-traveling, nature-loving scientists. Margaret studied painting, sculpture, and printmaking at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in fine arts.


sm ACME Lab May 2016 80

The UMFA’s ACME (Art. Community. Museum. Education) Initiative is a dynamic three-part outreach project dedicated to rethinking the public role of museums through community engagement. Launched in spring 2016, the ACME Initiative is transforming how the UMFA connects with, engages, and learns from the community, through co-created programs, projects, and exhibitions, with more than 40 local partners so far.

Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls

sm1 RockCamp

Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls mission is to empower girls, transgender, and gender non-conforming youth from all backgrounds through music education, collaboration, and performance. As a member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, they are one of many camps across the globe providing brave spaces for youth of marginalized genders to rock out! Their work is a direct attempt to amplify voices that have otherwise been told to be silent. Music, art, and creative expression are our tools in building a loud, celebratory, and formidable movement.

Ed Napia

sm EdNapia

Eruera “Ed” Napia was born into the Te Whiu, Te Popoto, and Te Honihoni subtribes of the Ngapuhi Tribe from Aotearoa-New Zealand. He didn’t discover his interest in clay art until he was in his 40’s when he took a hand building pottery class from Diane and John Shaw at the University of Utah Bountiful Extension. His art is his autobiography as he has developed his own style of hand built pottery and clay sculpturing that represents his life growing up in New Zealand, living in Hawaii, and moving to Utah.

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