2023 Awards Announced!

The Utah Arts Festival is pleased to announce award winners from film, visual arts, and literary arts that took place during June 22-25, 2023.

2023 Awards Announced!

Fear No Film

Grant Jury & Films of the Year

  • Grand Jury Prize: Best of Show:Fishers of Men (U.S., Chris Capel)
  • Grand Jury Fearless Filmmaker Award: Sabbath (France, Alexandra Mignien)
  • Utah Short Film of the Year: I Have No Fears and I Must Cry (Luis Fernando Puente)
  • Utah Short Film of the Year (student): Queen Bees (Riley Nickel, Eleanor Condie)
  • Grand Jury Honorable Mention for Best Cinematography: I Have No Fears and I Must Cry (Oscar Ignacio Jiménez)
  • Grand Jury Honorable Mention for Most Inspiring Storytelling: La Calle Es Nuestra (The Power of Art) (Austria/Chile, Marco Meirone)
  • Grand Jury Honorable Mention for Most Visually Impressive: The Sprayer (Iran, Farnoosh Abedi),

Audience Awards

  • Narrative: Fishers of Men, (U.S., Chris Capel)
  • Documentary: Wildblumen, (Argentina, Migue Roth)
  • Animated: Pig (Netherlands, Jorn Leeuwerink)
  • KIDS!: Cat (Germany, Julia Ocker)
  • Midnight: There Are No Ghosts (Spain, Nacho Solana)

Artist Marketplace

The 47th Utah Arts Festival has announced nine awards for the Artist Marketplace. All of the visual artist award winners are eligible for invitation to the Utah Arts Festival in 2024. Best of Show and People’s Choice Award winners also will have their booth fees waived.

Best of Show

  • Ute Monjau-Porath, Best of Show, Artist Marketplace Jury (Wearable Art, Edgewood, Washington)
  • Yves Goyatton, Best of Show, Board of Directors Jury (Sculpture, Monterey, California)
  • Bala Thiagarajan, Best of Show, Community and Inclusion Jury (Painting, Arvada, Colorado)
  • Robert Fehlau, Best of Show, Friends of the Festival Jury (Wood, Star, Idaho)

Award of Merit

  • Vennette Farr, Award of Merit, Artist Marketplace Jury (#-D Mixed Media, Salt Lake City)
  • Suzy Williamson, Award of Merit, Board of Directors Jury (Jewelry, Bend Oregon)
  • Tanya Doskova, Award of Merit, Community and Inclusion Jury (Digital Art, Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Adam Egenolf, Award of Merit, Friends of the Festival Jury (Ceramics, Nineveh, Indiana)

People’s Choice

  • Becky Ruley and Erin Richards (Wearable Art, Salt Lake City)

Literary Arts: Wasatch IronPen/UltraPen Contest


  • YOUTH WINNER: KH (kellen hunnicutt), The Titan Dance
  • ADULT WINNER: Pete Gomben, A Dendrological Argument
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Rebecca Bateman, Contrapposto


  • YOUTH WINNER: Fable Bytheway, Trees of Stone
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Katie Hurley, Following the Stars
  • ADULT WINNER: Pete Gomben, Capsule
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Logan Campbell, Troop Leader’s Principles For Instruction

Creative Nonfiction

  • ADULT WINNER: Becky Hess, In A Strange Land
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Addison Rose, To Feel Grief in Geologic Time
  • ULTRA WINNER: RJ Walker, Surviving in a Ravine
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Brynn Battie, The Legend People

Poetry Slam International

Youth Individual Poetry Slam

  • 1st: Evan Van Leuven
  • 2nd: Liberdee Ostler
  • 3rd: Natalie (no surname listed)

Adult Individual Poetry Slam

  • 1st: Zachary Kluckman (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  • Tie for 2nd & 3rd:
    • Monica Lisette (Salt Lake City)
    • Chelsea Guevara (Salt Lake City)

Team Invitational Poetry Slam

  • 1st: Ghost Poetry Show (Phoenix)
  • 2nd: Butterfly Effect (Salt Lake City)

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