Press Release: Circle up at the Kids Art Yard

Press Release: Circle up at the Kids Art Yard

We are in love with circles! Circles are found everywhere you go—whether you gaze at the night sky, inflate the tires on your bicycle, or explore ancient petroglyphs on a rock wall. They are universal symbols with extensive meaning in art and tradition. They represent infinity, wholeness, and so much more. This is your official invitation to come play with us in our land of circles at the Utah Arts Festival Kids Art Yard!

The great thing about the Kids Art Yard is we are engaging and fun, a place where kids can get their hands dirty with art, and walk away inspired. With hands-on activities, make and take projects, and even a Kids Fear No Film Festival, your kids will beg you for more time to engage their inner artist.

This year we have some great activities, all involving CIRCLES! From making their very own dream catcher, creating dot paintings, exploring mandalas of the world, and creating our own wacky universe of everything spherical.

Kids can get into the mix with make-and-take projects involving our Arts Festival partners and local nonprofits. Kids can make stickers; using a battery, LED and copper tape, young artists can create their own circuit on paper that illuminates a personalized work of art; painting an incredible work of art on a key chain; learning about birds by crafting a vulture mobile; joining artist Yayoi Kusama in creating polka dot sculptures; and even decorating your very own chocolate cup encircled with Mayan designs.

Can you see why we love circles! And once you visit the Kids Art Yard, you will too.



Art Lives at the Utah Arts Festival! Visit for all the latest details, news, and artists @utahartsfest #ArtLivesHere

The 42nd Utah Arts Festival runs Thursday, June 21 through Sunday, June 24, from Noon to 11 p.m. on Library Square, 400 South and 200 East in downtown Salt Lake City.

Ashley Babbitt