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COVID Response

Stay Safe. Enjoy the Vibes.

Our community is incredibly important to us. You are the reason the Utah Arts Festival exists. The safety of all those who participate in and attend the Utah Arts Festival is of the utmost importance. While we are excited to be bringing the festival vibes back to you live, we also recognize the public health crisis that our community is currently facing. We need your help to ensure everyone can stay safe and enjoy the vibes.

The Utah Arts Festival is committed to following all state health guidelines and CDC guidance as it pertains to addressing COVID-19 and related variants. Currently there are no specific restrictions or mandates from the state that we are required to enforce. With that said, the safety of our staff, volunteers, participants and patrons is paramount and for that reason we are encouraging the following best practices based on CDC guidance for those who are attending or participating in the Utah Arts Festival.

  • We recommend you do not attend or participate in the Utah Arts Festival if you are experiencing any of these symptoms as outlined by the CDC.
  • Being vaccinated and wearing a mask is the best way to keep yourself and others safe. Attending a public event or mass gathering despite being outside presents a risk for exposure to COVID. Wearing a mask is currently a choice each individual must make. Please use caution, be courteous, and employ common sense in determining what is best for you and your fellow art fans. We welcome anyone who is concerned about the risk of COVID to wear a mask at the Utah Arts Festival for their safety. Guidance for those who are fully vaccinated can be found here.
  • The CDC recommends that those who have not been vaccinated wear a mask when in public. Masks are strongly encouraged for those who have not been fully vaccinated or who have been exposed to COVID-19 recently, or who are awaiting results of a COVID-19 test. The CDC also outlines recommendations for those who should not wear masks due to health-related risks. Additional guidance on wearing masks for those who are unvaccinated can be found here.

For a specific list of precautions the Utah Arts Festival is taking in response to COVID, please click here. We will continue to monitor the situation and want you to understand there is always a possibility things could change between now and the Utah Arts Festival. We will certainly keep you updated when and if changes take place. This page is the best resource for the most up-to-date information regarding the Utah Arts Festival and our response to COVID. For questions please contact .

View this video for additional tips for staying safe and enjoying the Utah Arts Festival!

Free Vaccinations Will Be Offered at the Utah Arts Festival

We are pleased to host Nomi Health whose team of medical professionals will be on-site to provide free Pfizer vaccinations from 1-8pm on Friday, August 27th and Saturday, August 28th. The on-site clinic will be located next to our First Aid booth on the north side of The Leonardo. The Pfizer vaccine requires two doses. As the Utah Arts Festival is a one-time event, participants will have two options to receive their second dose. They can either find a provider offering the Pfizer vaccine that is located closest to them, or visit the West Valley location of Nomi Health located in Centennial Park at 5415 S 3100 W, open Monday-Saturday, 10AM-7PM.

Utah Strong Recovery Project

We have partnered with Utah Strong Recovery Project to provide in-person counseling, mental health education, and coping skills, mindfulness, and connection to additional mental health resources if needed. More information about Utah Strong Recovery Project can be found here.

Updated 8/21/2021.

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