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2021 Schedule


Fear No Film: Narrative Shorts Program 1

August 27, 2021 4:00 pm

Categories: Fear No Film

If feature length films are novels, then short films are like poems. The two global narrative short collections of fiction run the gamut; from dealing with the hardships of war, to the awkwardness of dating, from life in prison--whether real or imagined, an ode to the death of a loved one or a birthday, with no one to share. Come relish in these filmmakers’ rhapsody and ruminate in their melancholy. 

  • Rimi, 13 Minutes, India
  • 8 3/4, 10 Minutes, United States
  • Miniature Chess, 12 Minutes, United States
  • He Left Instructions, 13 Minutes, United States
  • Life, 4 Seconds, Iran
  • Head Count, 17 Minutes, Iran

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