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2021 Schedule


Repertory Dance Theatre

August 29, 2:30 pm

Categories: Dance

As Repertory Dance Theatre begins its 56th season, we bring to the 2021 Utah Arts Festival a performance that spotlights the unique performance skills of each RDT dancer in both historic and newly created work. Hallelujah Junction (RDT Commission) by European choreographer Ihsan Rustem will have its premiere performance November, 2021 at the Rose Wagner Center. Rustem says, “I have pushed the boundaries of contact, musicality and speed set to the charged, driving score by John Adams.” Marina Harris’ Remote (RDT Commission) features eight poetic movement monologues for each RDT dancer. And finally we offer Suite from Mazurkas, José Limón’s choreographic masterpiece from 1958 RDT’s belief in the importance of preserving our dance heritage gives us an opportunity to understand our artistic roots, expand our physical capability and deepen our connection to history. Mazurkas confirms the power of heroic spirit and the power of the arts to give us perspective, hope and solace.


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