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2021 Schedule

Fear No Film: Midnight Shorts Program 1

August 27, 10:00 pm

Categories: Fear No Film

Do you have a hankering for edgier films? Well then, the Midnight programs are for you. With a smattering of Sci-Fi, horror-comedy and a smidge of experimental for good measure- you’ll finish the festival with something to think about, and maybe even something you’ll never forget. Two nights only. 

  • Mantis, 8 Minutes, Spain
  • Nuevo Rico, 16 Minutes, United States / Puerto Rico
  • Remnant, 3 Minutes, United States
  • Colossus, 17 Minutes, United States
  • The Killer in Cursed Water, 15 Minutes, France
  • Bag Your Face, 20 Minutes, United States

Visit the Film page below for full details on these and all of our 2021 Fear No Film selections.

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