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2021 Schedule

Fear No Film: Animated Shorts

August 28, 6:00 pm

Categories: Fear No Film

Stop motion techniques have been tricking the eye since the beginnings of the motion picture camera in the 1880s. Come and suspend your disbelief and give in to the illusion of these unique perspectives from all around the world.

  • Dear Rosa, 2 minutes, Australia
  • Benztown, 5 minutes, Germany
  • The Human and Human, 2 minutes, Iran
  • Mate, 6 minutes, United States
  • Lairs, 2 minutes, United States
  • Shots of Light, 5 minutes, Germany
  • Psychophonic, 6 minutes, Spain
  • Clothes on Rainy Day, 4 minutes, Taiwan
  • Requiem for a Spoken Word, 3 minutes, United States
  • 45", 5 minutes, Croatia
  • Lola Jo, 2 minutes, United States
  • Last Dance, 3 minutes, Canada
  • Goodbye Home, 6 minutes, Australia

Visit the Film page below for full details on these and all of our 2021 Fear No Film selections.

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