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Utah Arts Festival

JUNE 28-30
Library Square



person sitting in a red hoop suspended in the air

Street Theater

Street Theater returns to the Utah Arts Festival this year with spectacle and performance that delights all Festival goers.

Library Plaza & Library Arch

Voodoo Productions

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Defying gravity and walking high above the crowd is nothing new to the circus-style Voodoo Productions. They even have a floating violinist to serenade us this year.

Whether they are roaming the Festival grounds or twirling above from the Library Arch, Voodoo performers will give us moments of oohs and aahs. But don't take our word for it: experience it daily!

Note: Floating and aerials will be found by the Library Arch; sway pole and revolving wheel are performed on Library Plaza west of the Round. Roaming is just, well, roaming!

Friday, June 28

  • 4:45pm Floating Violinist & Ballerinas
  • 5:10pm Aerial Performance
  • 6:05pm Aerial Performance
  • 6:25pm Sway Pole Performance
  • 7:00pm Roaming Stiltwalkers
  • 7:40pm Sway Pole Performance

Saturday, June 29

  • 3:05pm Floating Violinist & Ballerinas
  • 3:25pm Aerial Performance
  • 4:15pm Revolving Wheel Performance
  • 4:30pm Aerial Performance
  • 5pm (WordFest Stage) Poetry Pros
  • 5:45pm Sway Pole Performance
  • 7:00pm Roaming Stiltwalkers
  • 7:35pm Sway Pole Performance

Sunday, June 30

  • 12pm Roaming Stiltwalkers
  • 3:05pm Revolving Wheel Performance
  • 4:15pm Floating Violinist & Ballerinas
  • 5pm (WordFest Stage) Poetry Pros
  • 5:45pm Aerial Performance
  • 6:50pm Aerial Performance
  • 7:10pm Sway Pole Performance
  • 8:15pm Sway Pole Performance



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