Fear No Film: Midnight Shorts Program 2

June 23, 2019 10:00 pm

Categories: Fear No Film

For those who prefer their films on the edgier side, this anthology of shorts are sure to whet your appetite. Come for a sampling of sci fi, strangeness and satire. Stay for the visuals.

  • Sac De Merde, 13 Minutes, United States
  • The Cornfield, 20 Minutes, France/Belgium
  • Amoled, 6 Minutes, Spain
  • Supervising the Supervision of Female Workers, 7 Minutes, United States
  • Kill or Be Killed, 5 Minutes, United States
  • Eden, 8 Minutes, Russian Federation
  • Disconnected, 4 Minutes, Germany
  • The Sea Swells, 16 Minutes, Iran
  • Recommended for You, 5 Minutes, United States