Art & Technology

Art & Technology

Join the movement where creativity meets technology and engineering meets art.

Make & Take Projects

Located on the grass north of The Leonardo.

These projects provide hands-on fun for makers of all ages, but only while supplies last.


Choose an artistic style or texture, take your picture, and in 30 seconds, see your painted portrait created inside the artificial intelligence photo booth.

Art Tiles with Draw Bots

Create a customized piece of artwork on a tile using Sharpies and rubbing alcohol, or let a robot choose your image design.

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Ball Bearing Run

Using upcycled equipment and an elaborate contraption which would have made Rube Goldberg proud, follow the marble with added effects of music and lights.


Skittering robots made with a toothbrush head, motor, and battery bring these brush bots to life. Add origami creatures to your robot and watch your animal float across smooth surfaces.

Drawing Board

Draw hypnotically flowing patterns with a swinging table, and watch friction cause the patterns to slowly shrink along a spiral path.

Light Sabers

Using some LEDs, batteries, PVC pipe, and the Force, you too can make a light saber worthy for galactic play. Choosing good or evil is entirely up to you, though the Light Side is strongly encouraged as we are down to the Last Jedi.

Pinball Tables

Reconfigurable pinball tables beckon players to move upcycled thrift toys turned into bumpers around and shoot marbles up and around obstacles.

Programmable Glockenspiel

Try your hands on a toy and create your own music like a barrel organ. As the pins in the barrel spin and hit the hammers, they respond by striking a glockenspiel (xylophone).


Make a photoreactive negative image using a specially treated paper, the sun, some objects, and your imagination.


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