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Art Yard

Calling all kids and kids at heart: come flex your creative muscles and take home something great!

Daily, Noon-9pm

Art Yard

This festival within the Festival is a happy place where budding young artists get their hands dirty, their wiggles out, and their imaginations stirred. Here young children collaborate with on-site sculptures, create make-and-take projects with some of Salt Lake’s most creative nonprofit organizations, write some poetry, and play an instrument!


Go back in time and walk amongst the dinosaurs, and decorate them too! Join us in the Mesozoic Era and become paleontologists, artists, and botanists, and let your imagination run wild!

Some exciting installations that all kids can work on:

Junkosaurs: These giant dinos are made from discarded everyday objects, and they need some specialists to help adorn them:

  • Scale Designers: Create your own unique scales to embellish their skin.
  • Dino-Dentists: Construct some pearly whites for their giant jaws.
  • Mani/Pedi Dino Spa: Design some fashionable claws for their hands and feet, and wings!

Triassic Garden: Cultivate some new conifers, cycadophytes, ginkgoes, ferns and large arborescent horsetails to spread around the landscape.

Jurassic Insects: Giant insects roam our dino-yard, and need some specialist entomologists to paint them!

Make & Take Projects

Every year the Utah Arts Festival partners with local nonprofits to make the Art Yard a dynamic place of wonder for Festival-going kids.

Creative activities

Here’s whom you’ll find this year:

Rock Canyon Poets

1pm-4pm Daily

Dinosaurs love poetry! Come learn how to write a short poem about your favorite dinosaur with Rock Canyon Poets and display it in the Art Yard. Triceratops, pterodactyl, diplodocus, and t-rex, oh my!

Utah Black Artist Collective and Clever Octopus

4:30pm-8pm Daily

What's your ROARing word?: Utah Black Artist Collective (UBLAC) and Clever Octopus invite you to come out and explore your words of strength and love along with characteristics relating to your favorite dinosaur! This "I AM" workshop will give you the opportunity to express yourself through poetry on vinyl records, or display your word of the moment, life, or day on a decorative button to wear!

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art: Dino Masterpieces

Make contemporary art about ancient creatures with the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art! Create a fossil sculpture and a textured Dino masterpiece!

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) has supported creativity in Utah for over 90 years. UMOCA believes in the power of the art and artists of our time.

Natural History Museum of Utah: Horned Dinosaurs

Become a ceratopsian with the Natural History Museum of Utah! You’ve probably heard of triceratops, but did you know there are many different kinds of ceratopsian dinosaurs? The Natural History Museum of Utah is home to the world’s largest display of these horned creatures. Join us to explore different ceratopsian horn arrangements, and use your creativity to design your own ceratopsian hat! Families can decorate paper frills and add colorful horns to bring their own little ceratopsians to life.

Make Salt Lake: Dinosaur Puppets

This year we have a variety of dinosaurs illustrated by our local Makers attached to clothes pins as puppets. Each one will show the chomping action of a real dinosaur on both sides or a different one on each for variety.

Make Salt Lake's mission is to enhance Utah's creative and tech communities by providing affordable access to tools and learning experiences, and by connecting like-minded individuals.

Kids making crafts.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts: Calling All Paleoartists!

You can be a paleoartist with Utah Museum of Fine Arts! Paleoart is drawing or painting prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs. Paleoartists look at dinosaur skeletons and study what scientists know about dinosaurs to make these extinct animals come to life. Make your own fossil rubbing then “flesh” it out by drawing skin, teeth, feathers, or horns.

Visual Arts Institute: Dino-Whimsy

With this activity kids will let their imaginations soar. They will use fanciful prompts to create colorful fantasy dinosaur drawings that they can proudly wear around the festival.

The Visual Art Institute is a local nonprofit that offers art programs and classes for children, teens, and adults alike creating a space where people of all ages can come and enrich their lives through creative expression.

Summerhays Music Center: Instrument Petting Zoo

Come make your best dinosaur sounds at the Summerhays Music Art Yard instrument petting zoo! After a two-year hiatus, Summerhays Music is happy to be returning to the Utah Arts Festival with sanitized wind and string instruments for children to try. No previous experience is necessary, as we will have plenty of skilled staff members to show them the way. Come ignite a life-long passion for music!

Summerhays Music Center, the oldest established family music store in Utah founded in 1936, is committed to music education and quality products.

Utah Film Center: Dinomotion

Lights, Camera, Dinosaurs, Action! Join Utah Film Center to animate your favorite dinosaurs with flip books and stop motion.

Utah Film Center connects people, stories, and ideas through film, artist support, and media arts education. Their Tumbleweeds for Kids program features the Tumbleweeds Film Festival, with films, filmmaking workshops, Clubhouse activities, and a kids film competition in spring 2023. For more information visit: Utah Film Center and Tumbleweed Film Festival.

Fear No Film Kids

Check out the Kids shorts program in the Library Auditorium.

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