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Utah Arts Festival

JUNE 28-30
Library Square



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UAF 2024 Team Poetry Slam Sign-up

This year for the Utah Arts Festival, we will be expanding our annual Team Slam Competition to allow 8 teams to participate over the course of 3 days Friday, June 28, 29 and 30, 2024.

This format will be similar to the traditional 4-team bout rotation as seen at competitions such as the National Poetry Slam and Bigfoot Regional Slam.

Teams will be asked to pay a $150 Registration to contribute towards the cash prize. This will bring our total prize pool to $1200 for the winning teams.All teams who sign up to register will be wait-listed until their registration fee is received. Once all 8 openings are paid and confirmed, all other sign ups will be wait-listed in case of any drops.The team competition will take place over 3 nights. Preliminary Bouts will be held on Friday & Saturday evening, and the Finals on Sunday evening. The top 2 teams from each preliminary Bout will be invited to compete in the Finals on Sunday.

The competition will begin at 8:30p & end approx 11p.


  1. The Slam will follow Traditional Slam rules( No Props/Costumes/Music Accompaniment) And each round will follow 3-minute time limits with standard -.5 deductions for every ten seconds over.
  2. Teams will have the option to send an individual performer, or a team performance that consists of two or more members. Primary authorship rule will still be applied for all rounds.
  3. No Repeat poems.
  4. Content Warning. The Utah Arts Festival is a Family friendly event. Please keep language to little or no cursing. Think PG13. Poets will receive 1 content warning during a performance, where mic volume will be turned down then brought back to normal volume. If there is another violation their mic will be cut and the poet may discontinue their poem or complete it acapella.
  5. Each Preliminary bout will consist of 4 teams competing in a 4 Round rotation, with each team sending 1 performance per round.
  6. Rotations for each Bout will follow this format: ABCD/BCDA/CDAB/DABC
  7. Each Team will send a representative to draw for their order.
  8. 5 Selected judges will score on a 0-10 scale with the highest and lowest score dropped, counting only the 3 middle scores.
  9. The scores from all 4 rounds will be accumulative to determine ranking, and the top 2 teams from each prelim will be selected to compete in Finals. 
  10. The Final round will be clean slate.
  11. The 3rd ranking team from each preliminary will be invited to send either an individual rep or team piece as a sacrificial performance.
  12. The team with the highest two scores win.
  • 1st Place = $1000 + CWC Swag-bags
  • 2nd Place = $200


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