About the Utah Arts Festival

Our Mission

The mission of the Utah Arts Festival is to promote the arts and enhance the quality of life in Utah through the production of an annual outdoor, multi-disciplinary event in downtown Salt Lake City. We strive to maintain the highest artistic quality in our production and programming, represent excellence among a range of artistic mediums, and promote an appreciation for fine art while encouraging innovation in the field, and supporting non-traditional, contemporary works.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Utah Arts Festival Foundation is funded by grants, private donations, and program revenue. Please review our current 990 for more info.

Time & Location

The annual Festival takes place the 4th weekend of June each summer and is held downtown in Salt Lake City at Library and Washington Squares. A full time staff of four and one part time person work year-round to produce the Festival. In addition, we engage seasonal coordinators to help plan and implement artistic programs each year. A technical staff, stage and production crews, along with more than 1,000 volunteers rounds out the personnel needed to produce the annual event.

Award-Winning Festival

The Utah Arts Festival is the largest outdoor multi-disciplinary arts event in Utah with attendance hovering over 80,000 each summer. Having garnered numerous awards internationally, nationally and locally, the event remains one of the premiere events that kicks off the summer in Utah each June.

Please explore our website to become a Utah Arts Festival participant--whether as a donor, sponsor, volunteer, artist, performer, or attendee.

The Producers of the Utah Arts Festival

The Utah Arts Festival is programmed and operated by a full-time 4-person staff and Program Coordinators, Board of Directors, and many volunteers.


Lisa Sewell - Executive Director
Patrick Burns - Assistant Director, Director of Operations
Aimée Dunsmore - Development Director
Tennille Palmer - Development Manager
Amanda Neff - Program Administrator

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Board meetings are scheduled a month in advance and take place at the Festival Office, 230 South 500 West, Suite 120.

Patricia K. Callahan, Board Chair

Ken Ament
David Bateman
Aaron Garrett
Jill Greenwood
Lisa Killpack
Jason Kimura
Rich Knickerbocker
V. Kim Martinez
Mica McKinney
James Rees
Joseph Szurgyi

Emeritus Board

Bruce Bell
Robert Bradley
Marsha Fetzer
Lee Goldberg
Edward B. Havas
Susan Koles
Rich Nordlund
Tamara Pluth
Betsy Slayton
Bob Springmeyer
Celia Willette

Program Coordinators

To reach our program coordinators, please contact Amanda Neff at the Festival’s offices (call 801-322-2428 or email ). 

Accounting - Ted Madsen
Artist Marketplace
- Matt Jacobson & Sarah Baker Taylor
Art Yard - Maggie Willis
Art & Technology - Beth Sallay
Beverages - Shirley "Weber" Knickerbocker
Box Office - Chad King
Composer Commissions - John Costa & Henry Wolking
Culinary Arts - Bob Raysor
Environmental Program - Margaret Grochocki & Oscar Juarez
Exhibition - Lisa Sewell
Face Painting - Adam Stapley
Fear No Film Festival - Topher Horman
Friends Patio - Sean Woodward
Graphic Design - Kevin Perry
Hospitality Patio - Dayna McKee
Information Booth / Festival Store - Yolanda Kunder
Jazz Commission - Brian Booth
Literary Program - Rebeca Mae
Marketing, Media & Public Relations - Ashley Babbitt
Performing Arts - Steve “Doc” Floor
Production / Rentals - Ann Gust
Sky Box
- Nikki Stookey
Stage Production
- Patrick Heltman
Street Theater - Rich Nicholes
Tech & Production - Patrick Burns
Toddler Zone - Shannon Moss
Urban Arts - Pablo Pinet & Lexi Rose
Volunteers - Kaye Wankier & Melinda Cammans
Website - Jocelyn Kearl & Troy Mumm, Third Sun Productions

2018 Crews & Committees

An additional thank you to our many reliable Crews, Committees, and Captains helping to pull off the 2018 Utah Arts Festival!


Michael Beck
Alex Boyd
Richard Iverson
Duane Johnson
Brad Midgley
Curtiss Porter
Jackie Porter
Will Blaylock
Nicole Ashton
Charles Galway


Lisa Anderson
Sharon Daurelle
Sarah Santistevan
Patty Street
Dan Worley
Staci Young


Linn Clements
Tyreese Hill
Drew McLeran
Avery McLeran, CRAB King
Geoff Partain
Mary Ward


Rod Babbitt
Judy Babbitt
Catherine Blakemore
Kelly Hermans
Trevor Hooper
Patrick Kibbie
Danielle LeCourt
Maree Lewis Loader
Les Roka
Tracy Tang
Jennifer Waterhouse
Brinley Wilson


Greg Bishop
Steve Floor
Keith Heltman
Bergi Lawerh
Kristina Pappas
Heather Parker
Hunter Reynolds


Rhett Card
Casey Griffis
Kolby Heltman
Derek Meik


David Orr
Patricia Heltman
Graham Melton


Jordan Nicholes
Dustin Stephens
Amanda Wilson


Mark “Bear” Barraclough
Ethan Daughton
Kolby Decker
Lauryn DeGrado
Mike Dray
Ann & Jim Gust
Tyler Gust
Noah Jensen
Rich Knickerbocker
Trevor Lambert
Patrick Line
Constance Mallula
Erik Neff
Michael Taylor


Janet Arakaki-Moulton
Frankie Brown
Brad Burningham
Sharon Daurelle
Carli Dickerson
Jake Emery
Jennifer Gillies Clark
Cindy Hanson
Sandy Hiskey
Jeff Meik
Adam Miya
Josie Wankier
Nick Wankier
Shelley Whitaker
Judy Wilkerson
Monika Witucki


Kiya Castillo
Aaron Daurelle
JT Hiskey
Madison Moulton
Breyanna Moulton
Calvin Mumm


Heather Brown
Derek Chandler
Laurie Downing
Adam Fernandez
Marci McKean DeHaan
Gail Piccoli
James Rees
Daniel Worley


Elan Bartholomew
Erik Brunvand
Sandy Brunvand
Ischa Buchanan
Sherm “Rev. Willis” Clow
Mike “Eyebrowman” Crandall
Mike Evans
Steve “Doc” Floor
Oren E. “Tripp” Hopkins
Brian Kelm
Bill Kubilius
Arden Lubek
Tate McCallum
Reba Nissen
Ricken Nobis
Sam Reading
Kitzia Rodriguez
Julia Sachs
Jeff Salt
Donn Schaefer
Jerry Schmidt
Steven “Soca”Seftel
Gavin Sheehan
Nic Smith
Michelle Tanner
Henry Wolking
Ryan “Dusk Raps” Woodward