Festival for Kids

Festival for Kids

Celebrating Celebrate 20 Years of Bring the Kids! with Free Admission to the Utah Arts Festival for Kids ages 12 and under.

This festival within the Festival is a happy place where budding young artists get their hands dirty, their wiggles out, their imaginations stirred and their sea legs stretched. Here young children collaborate with on-site sculptures, create make-and-take projects with some of Salt Lake’s most creative nonprofit organizations, watch some creative films with Fear No Film Kids, and play an instrument!

Art Yard: The World at Sea

Past, present, and future cultures all over the globe depend on our oceans for exploration, adventure, and survival. Dive into the Art Yard and sail on a ship to a distant land, use the stars to navigate your way, and beware of the sea creatures!

Some exciting installations that all kids can work on:

  • Wacky Watercraft: Sail a pirate ship, operate a submarine, and float on a voyaging canoe and bedeck them with an assortment of fun materials.
  • Navigational Constellations: Ancient seafarers used the constellations to find their way across the oceans. Create your own stars to guide your way!
  • Mythical Sea Creatures: Dwelling in the seas are a crowd of sea monsters! Decorate these creatures of the deep with your fellow shipmates.
  • Nautical Flags: The purpose of Nautical Flags is to provide ways to communicate with other mariners. Create a flag of your own using printmaking techniques!

Summerhays Music Center Instrument Petting Zoo

Have you ever wondered what it is like to play a band or string instrument? Can you see yourself or your child playing an instrument in the future? Come visit Summerhays Music in the Art Yard and test a musical instrument. All ages welcome. We have experts to help you make your first sound on an instrument! Instruments are well sanitized before they are played.

Make & Take Projects

Every year the Utah Arts Festival partners with local nonprofits to make the Art Yard a dynamic place of wonder for Festival-going kids. Here’s who you’ll find this year:

  • Art Access: Art Access invites people of all backgrounds to discover and celebrate our common humanity. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of the ocean by creating your very own under-the-sea themed hat that you can wear for the rest of the Festival!
  • Craft Lake City: Craft Lake City inspires and educates youth in our community through the arts and STEM programs. Come take part in our bioluminescent jelly fish project where kids can create a fun, light-up jellyfish that jiggles and glows.
  • Natural History Museum of Utah: Join the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) to explore the world of the Vikings and to create your take-home project that will make you feel like a seafaring warrior! Don’t miss the NHMU exhibit “Vikings” as another adventure into the history of the deep blue sea.
  • Tracy Aviary: Tracy Aviary inspires curiosity and caring for birds and nature through education and conservation. Learn about the wonderful world of nautical birds! Join us as we craft bird beaks and demonstrate which bill designs are best made for scooping up fish and tasty morsels in the water.
  • Utah Museum of Contemporary Art: Lighthouses are tall towers on land that guide seafarers to safety through dangerous ocean waters. Most lighthouses now are automated, but the main feature of all lighthouses is a bright light that warns ships of obstacles and helps them find harbors. Create your own miniature lighthouse out of eco-friendly materials to guide you into a more sustainable future on land and at sea with the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art!
  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts: Join the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, inspired by traditional Japanese seascapes and the art of Gyotaku fish prints, to make your own rubbings and drawings of fish! Gyotaku was created hundreds of years ago by Japanese fisherman who used ink and rice paper to record the fish they caught, as cameras weren’t invented yet to debunk big fish tales.

Fear No Film Kids!

KIDS! 3 and up

Screened every half hour in the Art Yard, Noon–8PM

  • Fetch, 2 min, Utah
  • (otto), 10 min, Netherlands
  • Cavities, 2 min, Utah
  • The Sheriff’s a Chicken, 5 min, Utah
  • Light Sight, 7 min, Iran
  • Stinky Feet, 11 min, North Carolina

KIDS! 8 and up

Screened hourly in the Art Yard, Noon–8PM

  • Super Girl, 16 min, India
  • Kitten Witch, 9 min, New Zealand
  • Birdman, 5 min, California
  • Mission Sunday, 21 min, India

More for Kids

  • Literary Workshops: Learn to write a screenplay or write poetry at the SLCC Community Writing Center. See schedule here.
  • The Mad Hatter: Take a stroll through wonderland and unleash your creativity while making your own Mad Hat! Don't forget to snap a photo with the Cheshire Cat—if you can find him!
  • Toddler Zone: An area designed specifically for the under 4 crowd featuring storytelling.
  • Face Painting: Face painting and airbrush tattoos.
  • The Leonardo Family Lounge: You can fine more activities at The Leonardo. See more here.

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