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Utah Arts Festival

JUNE 28-30
Library Square





Calling all kids and kids at heart: come flex your creative muscles and take home something great!

Daily, Noon-9pm

The Utah Arts Festival for Kids ages 12 and under. This festival within the Festival is a happy place where budding young artists get their hands dirty, their wiggles out, and their imaginations stirred. Here young children collaborate with on-site sculptures, create make-and-take projects with some of Salt Lake’s most creative nonprofit organizations and play an instrument! 

Art Yard: The Great Salt Lake

The namesake of Utah’s capitol city, The Great Salt Lake is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi. It is home to brine shrimp and brine flies, and millions of migrating birds who depend on this amazing salt lake for food and breeding grounds.

Some exciting installations that all kids can work on:

  • Antelope Island: Help to populate the tiny version of this island with bison, antelope, birds, and other creatures.
  • Salt Lake Critters: So many different creatures make their homes around the lake. These upcycled sculptures have been created by students of the Wasatch Charter School, and you get to decorate them!
  • Birds and Brine Shrimp Flags: Using fun materials like salt, watercolor, and mud, decorate these flying and swimming friends to hang up in the sky and flutter in the wind.
  • Giant Great Salt Lake Coloring Book: Color in the coloring book made from recycled signage and create the entrance to the Art Yard!

The Dear Pelican Project

Project from Making Waves for Great Salt Lake, supported by Friends of Great Salt Lake, and Great Salt Lake Collaborative

Until the spring of 2023, thousands of American White Pelicans nested on Gunnison Island in the North Arm of Great Salt Lake. The recently receding lake level caused a land bridge, exposing them to predators. The entire community had to abandon their nests last season. This spring, about a tenth of the refugee pelicans have returned to Gunnison Island and some are now trying to make a new home on Hat Island.

Following the lead of Mr. Josh Craner’s 6th-grade class from Emerson Elementary, we will fold over 10,000 origami American White Pelicans to show our love for them. Learn about our great-winged neighbors while helping to create a public art display to honor these pelicans! 

Making Waves for Great Salt Lake Artist Collaborative is a team of artists, poets, educators, organizers, and lake-facing humans who are passionate about creating intimacy and relationship with Great Salt Lake, the creatures that call the lake their home, and our connected waterbodies.⁠ Find out more at (or follow on Instagram with at

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake works to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake ecosystem and to increase public awareness and appreciation of the Lake through education, research, advocacy and the arts. The long-term vision of FRIENDS is to achieve comprehensive watershed-based restoration and protection for the Great Salt Lake ecosystem. More info at or follow us at

Great Salt Lake Collaborative is a group of news, education and media organizations that have come together to better inform and engage the public about the crisis facing the Great Salt Lake — and what can be done to make a difference before it is too late. More info at, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us at

Make & Take Projects

Every year the Utah Arts Festival partners with local community partners to make the Art Yard a dynamic place of wonder for Festival-going kids.

Make Salt Lake: Paper Plate Seagulls

Make Salt Lake will be making paper plate seagulls with the Art Yard this year. We love the Utah State bird and the Great Salt Lake theme. This is a really fun and easy craft that anyone can do at home.

Make Salt Lake's mission is to enhance Utah's creative and tech communities by providing affordable access to tools and learning experiences, and by connecting like-minded individuals. More info at

UMFA: Paint the Great Salt Lake

Join the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to paint a watercolor of Great Salt Lake. Imagine a landscape of salt and water then try a special technique with salt to add interest to your painting.

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) at the University of Utah is your destination for global visual arts. UMFA also works as steward of Spiral Jetty, a land art masterpiece in Great Salt Lake, to preserve, maintain, and advocate for this important artwork. More info at

TreeUtah: Salt Dough Trees

Tree Utah's project for the Arts Festival this year honors the theme of the Great Salt Lake by working with salt dough as participants create tree shapes and imprints using branches, pinecones, and stamps to celebrate the importance of trees within our watershed which contributes to healthy levels of water, shade, and habitat for wildlife and people. Participants will walk away with their tree sculptures/cookies to air dry at home in a to-go "bag"/container.

TreeUtah strives to improve Utah’s quality of life for present and future generations by enhancing the environment through tree planting, stewardship, and education. Our Community Tree Planting program helps make our schools, parks, and other spaces beautiful and inviting by planting and maintaining large trees. More info at

UMOCA: Brine Shrimp Bracelets

Participants will use a paper template to cut out their brine shrimp body, add feather “feet”, and a pipe cleaner to create a wearable brine shrimp. We’ll have both pink and orange colors to choose from and mix and match. We’ll also have images and black markers for adding details as a modification for older participants.

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art believes in the power of the art of our time. Through programming, advocacy, and collaboration, we work with artists and communities to build a better world. Since 1931, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art has been a gathering space for artists and creatives in our region. Today, UMOCA’s exhibitions, art education programs, community engagement, and one-of-a-kind artist residency support local artists and communities while showcasing art from across the nation and globe. Learn more at

VAI: Great Salt Lake Pendants

Decorate your own Great Salt Lake shaped pendant with images and patterns reflective of the habitat supported by Utah's largest lake.

Founded in 1978, Visual Art Institute is one of Utah’s oldest nonprofit art education programs dedicated to youth. VAI nurtures creative expression, teaches imagination, and fosters artistic development through in-depth study and experimentation, inspiring confidence, and individuality regardless of age and ability. More info at

Summerhays Music Center: Instrument Petting Zoo

Summerhays Music is happy to be returning to the Utah Arts Festival with sanitized wind and string instruments for children to try. No previous experience is necessary, as we will have plenty of skilled staff members to show them the way. Come ignite a life-long passion for music!

Summerhays Music Center is the oldest established family music store in Utah. Founded in 1936, our commitment to music education and quality products has made us one of the finest music retail stores in the country.


Fear No Film Kids

Also, check out the Fear No Film KIDS! Program to view charming short films in the air-conditioned Library Auditorium.

  • Friday, June 28 @ 12:15pm
  • Saturday, June 29 @ 12:15pm
  • Sunday, June 30 @ 12:15pm

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