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Utah Arts Festival

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Creative Zone

Hours: Noon-8:30pm

This mini festival within the Festival is a happy place where artists of all ages can try out a new way of creating with their families, or as solo art lovers! Collaborate with on-site sculptures, create make-and-take projects with some of Salt Lake’s creative nonprofit organizations, write some poetry, and build your own instrument!

Songs of the World!

Tell your life story through songs, express yourself through your words, and dance with some paint!

Some exciting collaborative installations that artists of all ages can work on:

  • Life Soundtracks: What if your life was a movie? What songs would represent your past, present, and future adventures? Giving new life to discarded records and CD’s, you get to compose, collage, and print the story of your life through music.
  • A Globe of Songs: Using music is a universal language, help to create the lyrics and notes to a global song using printmaking, and good old painting.
  • 3D Notes: Decorate these playful up-cycled sculptures with an assortment of art mediums.

Make & Take Projects

Every year the Utah Arts Festival partners with local nonprofits to create a dynamic place of wonder for Festival-goers.

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Here’s whom you’ll find this year:

Visual Art Institute: "Humming Yo-Yo Spinners"

Art, music, science, and history come together with Visual Art Institute's "Humming Yo-Yo Spinners"! Based on the classic "whirligig" design, these yo-yo's have been a beloved toy as early as 500 BC! Decorate your very own colorful painted spinner. Find out more about the Visual Art Institute.

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Discover what the fancy word 'synesthesia' means and add to a super cool musical sculpture! Find out more about UMOCA.

Poetry with the Rock Canyon Poets

Hours: 1:00pm - 4:00pm each day

Music and poetry go hand and hand! Come learn how to write a short poem inspired by music and rhythm and display it in the Creative Zone. Lyrics and time, beats and rhyme, oh my!

Utah Blues Society: Build your own Cigar Box Guitar workshop! (Limited Availability)

Discover the joy of art, music and history in the building of a Cigar Box Guitar. As early as the 1840’s, when cigars were being packaged in cider boxes, musicians discovered the wooden box to be a fine resonator of sound. Join the Utah Blues Society’s “hands on” workshop and build your own 3-string Cigar Box Guitar. All materials will be included. After the build we will have a local musician teach you how to play!

Make Salt Lake

Make Salt Lake's mission is to enhance Utah's creative and tech communities by providing affordable access to tools and learning experiences, and by connecting like-minded individuals. Find out more about Make Salt Lake.

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  • Litchenberg Woodburning: Objects showing how fractal lines are created in wood by electrical discharge.
  • 3D Printed Zoo: 3D Printed flexible animals of all kinds.
  • Programmable Glockenspiel: A toy that allows you to create your own music similar to a barrel organ. As the pins in the barrel spin and hit the hammers, the hammers hit the glockenspiel (xylophone).
  • Mechanical Flip Book: A movie machine on a look showing the best parts of favorite movies.
  • Planisphere: a moving start chart on an axis showing the constellations based on your time and location.


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