Fear No Film 2017

Fear No Film 2017


Library Auditorium
Thu, June 22 - Sun, June 25

Fear No Film presents seven programs of short films demonstrating that our memories change each time they are recalled. Each screening explores a different range of MEMORY as a malleable construct, as we add and subtract emotional details with each re-telling. These short film screenings take audiences on a tour of filmmakers’ visions and unique stories told from around the world. 

All screenings, except for kids’ films shown in the Kid’s Art Yard, may contain adult content. All are free to the public.

Rolling Memories

This screening expands upon existing remembered moments. A memory itself evolves over time.

  • Home Movies, 14 min, New Jersey
  • Have No Fear, 20 min, Italy
  • The Farm, 4 min, Illinois
  • Honeymoon in the West, 14 min, France
  • Chandra, 15 min, Nepal

Memory Lane

These films explore our unique ways of remembering things. Individual takes on "the good old days."

  • Animation Hotline 2013, 5 min, New York
  • Defector, 7 min, New York
  • Insanity, 6 min, Utah
  • Dear Tom, 3 min, Spain
  • Closer, 7 min, Russia
  • Roohangiz, 6 min, Iran
  • The People, 4 min, Utah
  • Animation Hotline 2015, 7 min, New York

What Might Be

This program explores anticipated memories, the hopes and worries of what might be.

  • No Fixed Motive, 14 min, Belgium
  • The Monsters of Uncertainty, 3 min, New York
  • IPA GUP Ghana, 15 min, South Africa
  • Citipati, 7 min, Germany
  • I Thought I Told You to Shut Up!!, 12 min, Canada
  • Marble, 7 min, Italy
  • The Opera Singer, 3 min, California

Memory Distortion

This program explores a wide range of ways we each cope with transition.

  • Wintry Spring, 15 min, Egypt
  • There Are No Sundays, 6 min, Spain
  • An Ancient Problem and a Young Man, 8 min, California
  • Rattled, 10 min, United Arab Emirates
  • Paradise, 8 min, Utah
  • Unbound, 12 min, California
  • Semele, 13 min, Cyprus


From groups of strangers to our closest confidantes, these films demonstrate how our memory is shaped by those we share it with.

  • Red Light, 21 min, Bulgaria
  • Hitchhiking w/ a .357 Magnum, 13 min, New Jersey
  • Rumor, 5 min, Iran
  • Krunk Unkles by Jacob & The Ladders, 4 min, Texas
  • Snatched, 22 min, Belgium

Cultural Dissonance

This screening showcases stories of disharmony through our identity displacement as we reconcile each new memory.

  • M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide), 5 min, Mexico
  • Nobody Dies Here, 23 min, France
  • Wait for Your Love by Bay Uno, 3 min, New York
  • Accommodating Anxiety, 6 min, Utah
  • Black by KEOMA, 5 min, Germany
  • The Servant, 9 min, Iran
  • Mates, 5 min, Australia

Revisionist History

This program traverses the re-interpretation of moments as understood in our collective memory.

  • Libelula, 14 min, Romania
  • Corp, 9 min, Argentina
  • Pork.0, 17 min, Montana
  • Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island, 15 min, Australia
  • Between Wagons and the Moon, 15 min, New York

Utah Short Film of the Year

These short films, all produced in Utah, have won accolades from across the state. After the screening, vote for your favorite.

  • The People, 7 min, Premiered at Slamdance, numerous festivals
  • The Timekeeper, 3 min, A University of Utah Department of Film Studies Production
  • Taijitu, 8 min, A BYU Center for Animation Production
  • Oxygen to Fly, 7 min, Premiered at SXSW, over 25 million views
  • Remembered, 8 min, Winner of 2016 SLC 48 Hour Film Project
  • Dancing with Thorns, 14 min, A Spy Hop Production
  • Creatures of Whitechapel, 25 min, over 30 film festivals

*All screenings may contain adult content.

Kids Screenings

KIDS! 3 and up

Art Yard

Short films made for little people ages 3 and up screened hourly in the Art Yard noon-8PM.

  • Fetch, 2 min, Utah
  • (otto), 10 min, Netherlands
  • Cavities, 2 min, Utah
  • The Sheriff’s a Chicken, 5 min, Utah
  • Light Sight, 7 min, Iran
  • Stinky Feet, 11 min, North Carolina

KIDS! 8 and up

Art Yard

Short films intended to challenge the imagination and intellect of children ages 8 and up, screened hourly in the Art Yard noon-8PM.

  • Super Girl, 16 min, India
  • Kitten Witch, 9 min, New Zealand
  • Birdman, 5 min, California
  • Mission Sunday, 21 min, India


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