Fear No Film 2019

Fear No Film 2019

Library Auditorium
Thu, June 20 - Sun, June 23
Screenings are free to the public.

Each program contains multiple award-winning short films and differing filmmaker styles. Screenings last about an hour inside the City Library Auditorium. All screenings, except for kids’ films can contain adult content. 

Documentary Shorts

Program 1

A collection of shorts that explore immigration, gentrification and confrontation in our ever changing and shrinking world.

  • Through the Desert, 15 Minutes, Germany/Israel
  • Cuban Canvas, 14 Minutes, United States/Cuba
  • Timbo, 9 Minutes, United Kingdom/Brazil
  • For Your Consideration, 19 Minutes United States
  • Neighborhood, 15 Minutes, United States

Program 2

A collection of docs that provide focus both large and small—a perception based on the lens that is used. Captured images that allow us to reminisce, reflect and to pass our memories and wisdom along to the next generation.

  • All Inclusive, 10 Minutes, Switzerland
  • Life in Miniature, 5 Minutes, United Kingdom
  • The Art to Survive, 20 Minutes, Austria
  • The Voicemail, 1 Minute, United States
  • Photos in the Rain, 10 Minutes, United States
  • Into My Life, 15 Minutes, United States
  • Dulce, 11 Minutes, United States/Columbia

Animated Shorts Program

A range of different animation techniques are used to tell these unique and sometimes socially poignant stories. Just don’t call them cartoons.

  • Floreana, 4 minutes, Denmark
  • Vermin, 6 minutes, Denmark
  • Good Intentions, 9 minutes, United Kingdom
  • Too Young for a Memoir, 5 minutes, United States
  • Grand Bassin (Big Pool), 7 minutes, France
  • Synchronicity, 4 minutes, United Kingdom
  • Reneepoptosis, 10 minutes, United States
  • Les Lèvres Gercés (Chapped Lips), 5 minutes, France
  • Best Friend, 6 minutes, France
  • Grands Canons, 11 minutes, France
  • Albatross Soup, 7 minutes, United States

Narrative Shorts

Program 1

This collection of shorts features a prima ballerina taking her last bow, a struggling actress transforming, two new teachers dealing with very different circumstances, and a widower who communicates in Morse Code with his wife from the beyond.

  • Faith, 15 Minutes, Russian Federation
  • Moth, 17 Minutes, United States
  • Ultimo Acto (Final Act), 18 Minutes, Portugal
  • Parvaz Mahiha (Flying Fishes), 15 Minutes, Iran
  • 2nd Class, 14 Minutes, Sweden

Program 2

These films bring perspective to the everyday lives of those with more, those with less, and those sometimes marginalized by society. Relationships are strained and sometimes gained over economic plight and the universal desire to belong.

  • Dunya’s Day, 14 Minutes, Saudi Arabia
  • Suncatcher, 12 Minutes, United States
  • What’s Important Now Is to Feel Bad, 5 Minutes, Sweden
  • Birthday Night, 20 Minutes, Iran
  • Joy Boy, 9 Minutes, Australia
  • Bitter Sea, 15 Minutes, United Kingdom

Women Who Rock!

A Celebration of the female: films by women, about women, for women.

  • Do Not Ask for Your Way, 15 Minutes, France
  • Shaholly, 3 Minutes, United States
  • Volcano Island, 9 Minutes, Hungary
  • One Cambodian Family Please for My Pleasure, 14 Minutes, United States
  • Human Again, 4 Minutes, Utah
  • Lola, 20 Minutes, United States
  • Caldeira, 6 Minutes, France
  • How Does It Start?, 15 Minutes, United States
  • Here’s To…, 4 Minutes, United States

Midnight Shorts

For those who prefer their films on the edgier side, this anthology of shorts are sure to whet your appetite. Come for a sampling of sci fi, strangeness and satire. Stay for the visuals.

Program 1

  • Impossibility: Possibility, 8 Minutes, United States
  • After Silence, 4 Minutes, Germany
  • The Replacement, 15 Minutes, United States
  • Moth, 4 Minutes, Japan
  • Canada, 9 Minutes, United States
  • Mama Bear, 13 Minutes, United States
  • Passive Aggressive Dads, 5 Minutes, United States
  • Acid Rain, 26 Minutes, Poland

Program 2

  • Sac De Merde, 13 Minutes, United States
  • The Cornfield, 20 Minutes, France/Belgium
  • Amoled, 6 Minutes, Spain
  • Supervising the Supervision of Female Workers, 7 Minutes, United States
  • Kill or Be Killed, 5 Minutes, United States
  • Eden, 8 Minutes, Russian Federation
  • Disconnected, 4 Minutes, Germany
  • The Sea Swells, 16 Minutes, Iran 
  • Recommended for You, 5 Minutes, United States

Utah Short Film of the Year Competition

These short films, all produced in Utah by either students or professionals, have won accolades from across the state. After the screening, vote for your favorite. The final Utah Short Film screening on Sunday will feature the "Best of the Best" from the two screenings.

Films by Students

  • A Delicate Balance, 8 minutes; Utah Valley University, director Kelty Heppler
  • Anna, 17 minutes; Brigham Young University, director William Knowles
  • I’m Human Too, 9 minutes; a SpyHop Production, director Jonathan Landeros
  • The End, 9 minutes; University of Utah, director Sage Bennett
  • Miguelito, 15 minutes; a SpyHop Production, director Steven Uribe
  • Stim, 3 minutes; University of Utah, director  Anna Maguire
  • #Influencers, 19 minutes; Brigham Young University, director Alana Anderson

Films by Professionals

  • El Desierto, 19 minutes; by FNF Invitation, directors Carly and Jared Jakins
  • Will You Be Here Next Year?, 7 minutes; produced by RadioWest/KUER, director Kelsie Moore
  • Long Haul, 22 minutes; Audience Award Winner LDS Film Festival, director Bryan Fugal
  • The Decision, 14 minutes; by FNF Invitation, director Spanky Ward
  • Something Borrowed, 5 minutes; winner of 2018 SLC 48 Hour Film Project, directors Matthew Michela, Stephanie Dinsmore
  • The Minors, 10 minutes; Winner Special Jury Prize Sundance Film Festival, Director Robert Machoian

Kids! Shorts

Program 1

  • Elephant, 4 Minutes, Germany
  • Mice, a Small Story, 5 Minutes, France
  • William’s Words, 4 Minutes, United States
  • Undiscovered, 3 Minutes, United States
  • Gelato - Seven Summers of Ice Cream, 12 Minutes, Germany
  • Lost & Found, 8 Minutes, Australia
  • Ant, 4 Minutes, Germany
  • Game Changer, 3 Minutes, United States

Program 2

  • Sloth, 4 Minutes, Germany
  • Hors Piste, 6 Minutes, France
  • Kuap, 8 Minutes, Switzerland
  • Angel’s Mirror, 14 Minutes, China
  • Anglerfish, 4 Minutes, Germany
  • Suspended Generation, 7 Minutes, United States/Kirbati
  • Spice Frontier, 8 Minutes, United States

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