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The Utah Arts Festival is looking for interested individuals to serve on our various artist juries.

We're looking for jurors to review visual, performing, literary, culinary and film applications. Juries are a critical element helping to shape what you hear, see, feel and experience at the Utah Arts Festival. While some experience or knowledge of different genres and mediums is important and helpful to the process, so is having passion for art and enjoying what it brings to our lives.


The Utah Arts Festival is a community event that is dedicated to presenting high quality arts of all kinds. To make this possible we need a variety of voices and perspectives engaged in the discussions.


Please note that you are ineligible to participate on a jury if you have submitted an application as an artist in that medium.

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Areas of Interest

Visual Arts/Artist Marketplace

Jurors on this panel will be reviewing applications from more than 500 visual artists representing 16 mediums including Mixed Media, Ceramics, Digital Art, Drawings/Pastels, Fiber, Glass, Graffiti / Street Art Graphics/Printmaking, Jewelry, Metalwork, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Wearable Art, and Woodworking. If you have specific experience, expertise or a particular interest in one or more of these mediums please indicate that in one of the short answer questions below.


Literary Arts

Our literary arts jury will review applications from Poets, Slam Poets, Fiction and Non-Fiction writers, Playwrights, and Comedians. Please indicate whether you have any knowledge, experience or specific interest in one more of these genres in the short answer questions below.


Performing Arts – Music, Dance, Busking

The Utah Arts Festival convenes several juries for the various genres we present through this program. Use the short answer questions below to let us know whether you have understanding, expertise or specific interest in one of the following: Bluegrass / Folk, Blues, Busking/Street Theater, Classical, Comedy, Country Music, Dance Performances, EDM/House Music, Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Theater, and World.


Urban Arts

Our Urban Arts Program presents a number of DJ’s to help set the tone and provide entertainment in their space. Types of music reviewed for this program are Breaks, EDM, Funk / Soul, Hip-Hop, House. Using the short answer questions below please indicate any experience, knowledge or passion for this genre.


Fear No Film

Housed in the Library’s auditorium, 60+ international short films will be screened over the course of four days. Categories generally include Animated, Documentary, Narrative, Midnight, and Kids. This program continues to grow in international recognition and receives submissions from around the world.

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Visual Arts/Artist Marketplace
Literary Arts
Performing Arts
Urban Arts
Fear No Film
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Visual Arts/Artist Marketplace
Literary Arts
Performing Arts
Urban Arts
Fear No Film
Select your jury THIRD choice
Visual Arts/Artist Marketplace
Literary Arts
Performing Arts
Urban Arts
Fear No Film

Please note that individuals who take part in the jury will not be considered to participate at the Festival under that particular medium

Please select one statement that best describes you and the reason you’re interested in participating on a jury:*
I am a working artist or educator with specific relevant experience and/or education that I feel would make me a good jury member.
I am passionate about the mediums I selected, have some knowledge, would like to learn more and get more involved.
I am an art-lover and want to get more involved with the Utah Arts Festival.
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Getting to know you

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Demographic information

The following questions are optional and designed only to understand our supporters, artists, and friends better, so we can provide a more inclusive Festival for all to enjoy. Please scroll to the bottom to skip this section if you don't feel comfortable disclosing this information.

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NOTE: You will receive an email confirming submission of this form. Please check your spam mail if you do not see it show up in your inbox soon after submitting. If you change your mind or become unable to participate once you have submitted this application, please email hello@uaf.org to notify the Utah Arts Festival of any changes.

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