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Utah Arts Festival

JUNE 28-30
Library Square



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Culinary Artists

The deadline has passed; please check in November for the 2025 applications.

The Show

The 48th annual Utah Arts Festival is scheduled for June 28 - 30, 2024 at Library Square in downtown Salt Lake City. The Utah Arts Festival is the largest, outdoor, multi-disciplined event held in Utah. Having garnered numerous awards internationally, nationally and locally, the Festival remains one of the premiere events that kicks off the summer in Utah each June. Patrons enjoy three days of award-winning fine arts in the Artist Marketplace, live performances on five stages, street theater, fine arts exhibition, a film program, children's art and culinary arts.

Culinary Artist Selection

Please note that no food trucks will be accepted.  All vendors must be able to serve out of a 10 x 20 tent.

The Festival takes pride in the quality and presentation of all of our vendors / artists.  We are looking for culinary vendors that produce their own product and will not accept third party, premade, frozen items to be sold. Utah Arts Festival culinary artists will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Food Quality
  • Presentation
  • Diversity
  • Booth Design
  • Pricing

Culinary artists may sell FOOD products only. The Utah Arts Festival will handle ALL beverage concessions unless other arrangements are made.

Not interested in performing, but would love to be involved in the selection process?  If you are interested in being on one of our jury selection committees, and would like to be part of the process of selecting artists for the 2024 show, please fill out the jury interest form.

The Utah Arts Festival is working to ensure we balance tradition and innovation.The number of consecutive years an artist has participated in the Utah Arts Festival will be taken into consideration as part of the final selection process. The Utah Arts Festival reserves the right to “rest” an artist for one year after three consecutive years of participation.

2024 Important Dates

  • March 8, 2024: Culinary artist application deadline by 5:00 P.M.
  • March 18, 2024: Notification emails sent.
  • April 8, 2024: Contracts and ALL payments due (booth fee, electrical, etc.)
  • May 1, 2024: Last day to pull out of the event and receive a partial refund.
  • June 28 - 30, 2024: Utah Arts Festival

Environmental Program

The Utah Arts Festival will continue our award-winning, comprehensive eARTh Team Environmental Program in 2024. All local laws and regulations must be strictly followed

Culinary artists will be responsible for using products that are recyclable as determined by the Utah Arts Festival eARTh Team Environmental Coordinator.

Booth Space

  • No food trucks will be allowed. 
  • Each vendor will be allotted a 10' wide x 20' deep space for their operation. Within this space each vendor is responsible for supplying all of the elements needed for their operation, including tents, tables and chairs. Please keep in mind the emphasis on design when planning your booth.  Below are guidelines to assist in developing your booth design:
  • All booth space (10' x 20') must be completely tented and fully contained including side and back walls. DUE TO FIRE CODES, ALL TENTS MUST BE MADE OF RETARDANT MATERIAL, & HAVE THE TAG(S) TO PROVE IT.
  • Each vendor’s tent must be uniform in appearance and color.
  • Décor is an essential part of the Festival. Your décor must evoke the origin of your food as well as add an element of design to the Festival. No blue tarps.
  • No handwritten signage is allowed. All banners must be approved by the Festival before being used.
  • The Festival will provide all culinary artists with water weights to secure their booths. Utah is noted for its summer winds and for the safety of all vendors, artists and patrons; we require that participants tie off to the weights. You will need to bring rope/ratchet straps to tie onto the weights. If you do not secure your booth with the required 200 lbs, you will not be allowed to open and may be disqualified from the show.


Decisions will be made and notification will be emailed by Friday, March 18, 2024. Contracts and information packets detailing all setup and operational procedures will be mailed to accepted culinary artists. Participation in any previous Utah Arts Festivals does not guarantee acceptance into the 2024 event.


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